Elderly fear of being lonely & vulnerable

Aged care crisis – the fear of being alone and vulnerable

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Elderly people are usually afraid of being alone, especially if they are suffering from chronic conditions such as Alzheimer?s. This fear can make them want to follow their caregivers wherever they go and even get upset when they are left alone. It makes it difficult for you to help them, and it?s important to come up with elaborate strategies to address this anxiety.

Due to their fear of being alone and vulnerable, your parent might have trouble getting some solid sleep at night, thus insomnia. If they are taking any form of anti-depression medications, the situation may worsen. This anxiety tends to feed on itself, so they more sleep-deprived they get, the more fearful they get. They situation might even extend to a level where they feel that their problems are impossible when all they are facing is a single, isolated incidence!

Guilt and resentment
Caregivers will often experience feelings of guilt when trying to help out elderly parents who are afraid of being alone and vulnerable. They might feel resentment that their parents keep on stressing over the same things. It might appear that no measure of calm coaching or hand-holding seems to happen. If not recognized, these feelings of guilt and resentment can make the whole situation even worse.

Usual interventions
Sandwich Generation caregivers will often result in strategies such as a consulting a doctor to address anxiety in their elderly parents. The doctor might recommend an assessment to establish whether there are any underlying neurological issues such as Alzheimer?s and dementia. Another good option is to involve a therapist with the goal of undoing the feelings of worry and fear. Any strategies meant to combat social isolation in seniors might also suffice.

Lumin is a tech-based solution that?s designed to increase the security and independence of seniors living alone. Unlike the other interventions mentioned alone, Lumin users a 17? touch screen display to interface the senior?s life with the outside world. They can dial family members and loved ones by simply touching a button on the screen. The platform is also equipped with multiple communication and alert systems that can help the elderly person feel connected to family members and members of the community. For instance, a family photo album helps them revisit happy memories and avoid focusing on negative thoughts that might be causing the fear. Radio service, live news, and weather updates also keep them in the loop regarding what?s happening in their surroundings!


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