Alerts Upgrades

Your Lumin Alerts Base Station connects personal and environmental monitors to your Lumin Screen and supporter apps. Urgent messages are sent to everyone connected to you via the app immediately an alert is triggered. Install and set up costs may vary depending on the number of devices that require installation.

Wearables and monitors

Choose the devices you need

Wearable panic alarm

$44 /each

Build a Lumin Alerts package

Smoke detector

$62 /each

Build a Lumin Alerts package

Supporters App Features

Alerts you when

Panic Alert

Smoke Alert

David, installed Lumin for his Brother with MS.

“Regarding support: they [Lumin] are very pro-active and listen to suggestions to improve the sytstem as well. The Lumin has provided connectivity and communication with my brother who has advanced MS. It has opened up his ability to easing communicate with family and friends that prior to the Lumin was not available. Well done Lumin, it has changed my brother’s quality of life.”