How to help the elderly with loneliness

6 Powerful Ways To Help Seniors Avoid Isolation

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It?s an unfortunate reality that many seniors find themselves terribly isolated. After a spouse passes away or a debilitating illness hits, it?s common for a senior to be cut off from both friends and family for extended periods of time. Obviously, this isn?t intentional on anyone?s part ? it?s simply a disheartening reality. Isolation is not limited to just a …

The effects of loneliness & isolation on elderly people

The Effects of Loneliness and Isolation on the elderly

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The current drive to help older people live at home for longer may be creating higher levels of isolation and loneliness for them. While the move to help our seniors remain in familiar surroundings for as long as possible is generally made with the best intentions, the focus on meeting their physical care ? rather than their full range of …

The effects of isolation on the elderly

Isolation and its effect on the elderly

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For a long time now, research has focused on how isolation and loneliness affect elderly people. In recent times, policymakers around the world have been giving increased attention to this area. For instance, the National Council of Seniors in Canada declared isolation among seniors as one of its points of focus for the 2013-14 period. The UK started its ?Campaign …

The health risks of social isolation in seniors

The health risks of social isolation

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The thought of our seniors feeling isolated and alone is sad and distressing to many of us. But did you know that it is also a health risk? Research shows that a lack of social relationships is as much of a risk factor for early mortality as smoking and obesity . In fact, older adults who feel lonely are more …

Elderly safety concerns

?Safety concerns for the elderly take an emotional toll

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Australia?s aging population is multiplying at an unprecedented rate. According to Government demographic figures, the proportion of the population over 65 years grew from eight percent in 1970 to 13 percent 15 years ago and is forecast to double to around 25 percent by 2040, as better diet and healthcare prolongs lifespan. As the Baby Boomer surge pushes through society, …

Keeping mum safe with dementia

Keeping Mum Safe

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If you are like me, your love and concern for your parents are one of the most powerful forces in your life. Your parents have always been there for you; through sleepless nights, scraped knees, ?and broken hearts. When my mum was diagnosed with early Alzheimer?s Disease, I knew it was my time to be there for her. One of …