Elderly fear of being lonely & vulnerable

Aged care crisis – the fear of being alone and vulnerable

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Elderly people are usually afraid of being alone, especially if they are suffering from chronic conditions such as Alzheimer’s. This fear can make them want to follow their caregivers wherever they go and even get upset when they are left alone. It makes it difficult for you to help them, and it’s important to come up with elaborate strategies to …

How to help parents living alone

If there is one thing you do to help your parents living alone, this is it

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Caring for aging parents is an important responsibility facing many of us. Without a proper plan, this can lead to multiple challenges, including a work-life conflict that reduces productivity and increases stress at the workplace. The problem can be even more compound when you have to care for kids too. There are multiple obstacles involved, and you might find yourself …

How technology supports disabled teenagers

Technology supports independence for disabled teenagers

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While the path to independence can be extremely stressful for any parent, it is doubly so for the parents of a child with a disability. While they may celebrate the fact that their charge is taking his or her first steps towards freedom and autonomy, they are at the same time filled with fear about the ‘what ifs’. Possibly their …

Elderly safety concerns

​Safety concerns for the elderly take an emotional toll

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Australia’s aging population is multiplying at an unprecedented rate. According to Government demographic figures, the proportion of the population over 65 years grew from eight percent in 1970 to 13 percent 15 years ago and is forecast to double to around 25 percent by 2040, as better diet and healthcare prolongs lifespan. As the Baby Boomer surge pushes through society, …

Keeping mum safe with dementia

Keeping Mum Safe

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If you are like me, your love and concern for your parents are one of the most powerful forces in your life. Your parents have always been there for you; through sleepless nights, scraped knees,  and broken hearts. When my mum was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s Disease, I knew it was my time to be there for her. One of …

Tips to keep disabled teenagers safe

Keeping Disabled Teenagers Safe

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Every parent wants to keep their children safe and secure and help them to be healthy and happy. The potential for injuries and harm is often higher for children with disabilities, however, and predicting and counteracting the risks is a significant and ongoing challenge for caregivers. Nevertheless, parents of children with disabilities learn to manage and support their children as …