Use unspent CHSP funding to keep your vulnerable clients safe and connected!

With simple one touch video and phone calls, plus integrated telemedicine, Lumin is designed to keep older Australians safely connected to their community.

Dementia assistive technology

Lumin is a simple to use large tablet
dedicated to reducing isolation
in vulnerable clients

With video calls and emergency alerts at their fingertips!

Choose between an iPad app or a dedicated tablet with built in safety and emergency features

A simple to use iPad app for even tech-shy older adults!

Video calls

Stay connected and 'virtually' attend important events with family and friends.


Connect directly with their GP via integrated tele-health consults.


Receive and respond to voice, text or photo messages from their loved ones.

Shared calendar

Never miss meaningful celebrations, while staying connected with their community.

Brighten up their lives with
a delightfully simple tablet

Like a tablet. Unlike any tablet. Lumin is a large 17 inch freestanding simplified touch screen, delivered set up and ready to go. Even if they aren’t familiar with tech gadgets, they can pick up Lumin and just use it. It’s that simple, they don’t even have to worry about breaking things or doing something wrong.

*Includes free setup and delivery, free family and friends app + “done for you” installation over the phone.

“Lumin has been a marvelous thing to have. I love the games on it. I’m 87 and don’t know much about electronics but Lumin has been working great for me. On the first of December, one of my granddaughters got married in Canberra, and I couldn’t make it because of one of my ailments, you see. I couldn’t travel. I had the perfect view of the wedding through Lumin. It was beautiful.”
Robert Seal
Happy Lumin customer

Lumin have developed 4 limited time packages, aligned with the Department of Health's CHSP funding guidelines:

1. Lumin tablet*

Includes "done for you" set-up, dedicated customer support and rental for 12 months - $86 per month thereafter.

2. Lumin tablet including internet*

Includes everything above + Optus 4G internet
for 9 months - $121 per month there after.

3. iPad*

Includes a 12 month subscription to the Lumin Home app and 12 months of support - $11 per month there after.

4. iPad including internet*

Includes a 9 month subscription to the Lumin Home app and 9 months of support - $50 per month there after.

*CHSP pricing may be subject to change.
Orders must be placed and paid before June 30 2020.

The Lumin tablet includes emergency alerts,
medication reminders and so much more...

Easy Video and phone Calls

One-touch video or phone calls, including national calls to mobiles. They can even bring an existing home phone number.

Alarms / Alerts

Lumin clients can immediately notify their family and friends with one-touch emergency alerts when they need to.

News and Entertainment

They can catch up with the latest breaking news and podcasts.

Shared Calendar

Never let your clients miss meaningful events like birthdays and other special celebrations via our free family app.


Assistance, information and services.

Dedicated CHSP Provider Support

No technical knowledge required, Lumin is monitored and updated 24/7 from our end. Our app can notify family when needed.

Messages Made Easy

Isolated clients can stay in touch with family and friends – through video, text, calling and photo messages.

One Touch Radio Stations

They can enjoy their favourite stations with crystal clear sound.


Connect directly with their GP via integrated tele-health consults.

Medication Reminders

Lumin can remind them when to take their medication. In case they forget, their family and carers will get an alert via our free app.

Thrive Wellbeing

Curated health and wellbeing articles they’ll love reading

*Cost can be claimed via unspent CHSP funding before the June 30th 2020 cut-off date.

Enter your details and we’ll make delighting your clients a breeze.

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