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9 Must Have Gifts For Keeping Older People Safe

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If you’re looking for gifts for older people in your life, we have you covered! In this post,  we wanted to specifically focus on gifts to keep older men and women safe.

From falls prevention, to technology help and companionship, these gift ideas are designed to provide families with peace of mind.

iseal falls prevention insoles

Iseal falls prevention insoles

According to better health, falls are the leading cause of hospitalisation in people over 65 in Australia and older people are almost 12 times more likely to have a fall than a motor vehicle or pedestrian accident. And although not every fall results in a serious injury, they can be fatal.

Enter the award winning Iseal Insoles.

According to PHD researcher and developer Dr Nagano, tripping is the leading cause of falls while walking. And that’s exactly what these high tech insoles are designed to reduce. They are also designed to reduce the load on knees and prevent ankle sprain.

Visit website: Iseal-Insoles

lively social

Lively — Technology help and companionship for seniors

Sadly, online scammers looking for vulnerability prey on older people. But that doesn’t mean we should encourage older people to stay offline in order to stay safe.

That’s where a unique company called Lively can help. They offer one on one in-home technology help, social support and companionship. As founder Anna Donaldson says:

“Lively brings young and older people together, to help each other out.”

As well as teaching older people how to stay safe online, Lively’s specially selected and trained workers can help with:

  • Internet banking,
  • Music playlists,
  • Digitalising family photos,
  • And using Google Earth to “virtually” visit their favourite places.

Visit website: Lively social

Roost smart CO and smoke alarm battery

Did you know that almost 50% of fatalities from fires in the home are people aged 65 and over?

This is an incredibly distressing fact.

According to the NSW fire department, the majority of residential fires begin in the kitchen and are often as a result of cooking being left unattended on the stove.

But what’s even more concerning, is that some seniors may have difficulty hearing a smoke alarm and/or reduced mobility when it comes following an escape plan. So if the smoke alarm went off in your elderly loves ones home, who would be alerted?

Enter Roost..

A smart battery that transforms your existing smoke alarm into a smart smoke alarm.

Benefits include:

  • Easy 5 minute set up.
  • Low battery alerts.
  • 3-5 year long lasting battery.
  • Smart notifications via the app when the alarm sounds.

Whilst fire safety is a concern for everyone, it’s particularly concerning when it comes to older people who may have reduced mobility or impaired hearing.

Visit website: Roost

iguardstove intelligent

iGuardStove intelligent stove safety

Put your hand up if you’ve ever multi tasked and left something on the stove longer than it should have been?


For most of us, the extra elbow grease required to clean up the mess results in a mild annoyance. But for seniors and those experiencing cognitive decline, an unattended stove can pose a serious safety risk.

That’s where iguardstove comes in…

Iguardstove is a state-of-the-art automatic stove shut off device with SMS alerts.

Here are just some of the many safety features:

  • Advanced motion sensor that detects when you’ve left the kitchen and will shut off the stove if you don’t return within 5 minutes.
  • Online access to the settings from anywhere in the world.
  • Recent history to see what’s been happening with the stove.
  • 12 month user history for monitoring memory decline.
  • Carer lock, late night lock and child lock.
  • Smart phone notifications.
  • Emergency quick shut off.

Visit website:

Umps health

Umps Health smart monitoring system

Umps smart plugs are designed to alert family and carers when their loved ones usual daily routine around the home suddenly changes. For the first 30 days Umps goes into ‘learning mode’ to get to know how regularly your loved one uses their daily appliances.

Then, if your loved one normally switches on the kettle and TV in the morning and this suddenly changes, it will trigger an ‘unusual behavior’ alert. If Umps detects something has happened to your loved one and they can’t get in touch, they’ll contact the people you nominated so they can check in.

You simply plug them in between any appliance and the wall socket and you’re good to go!

Visit website: Umps health

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droplet smart hydration mug for seniors

Droplet smart hydration reminders

If you’re caring for a friend, relative or loved one, it’s not easy to make sure they’re drinking enough, especially when you can’t be there all the time.

Dehydration has been shown to increase fall risk and unfortunately older people are particularly vulnerable due to a reduced sensation of thirst.

Enter Droplet; a smart hydration system developed in partnership with over 100 healthcare professionals.

Droplet provides independent drinking from a familiar mug or tumbler, with the additional support and re-assurance of a familiar voice message to remind older people to drink if they forget.

Visit website: Droplet hydration

keyless door entry system

Smart keyless door entry systems

Worried about your loved ones being locked out in the middle of the night? Or even worse, during a heatwave or when it’s freezing cold.

Enter keyless door locks.

Not only can you use your smartphone to open the door no matter where you are, some models allow your loved ones to open the door using their fingerprints. No complicated codes or forgotten keys to worry about!

Visit website: Keyless door entry systems

key safe

Tried and tested key safes

While we’re on the topic of the dangers of being locked out, a much cheaper option to the keyless smart locks is a key safe. Often used by trades people to gain access to your property when you can’t be home, they are equally as useful for keeping older people safe.

Simply attach the key safe to something secure (in a discreet location) and lock the spare key safely inside. Just make sure the combination lock is set to something your loved one already knows off by heart!

Visit website: Bunnings

Lumin emergency alerts and calendar reminders

Meet Lumin — A personalised digital assistant to reduce loneliness and increase safety

Say hello to the Smart Hub that brings one touch Phone and Video Calls, Emergency Alerts and Smart Home connectivity to your older loved ones home.

Lumin is the perfect gift for older people who may be at risk of isolation and loneliness, with built in safety features families have come to love.

Caring from a distance and worried about mum or dad forgetting to take their medication?

No problem!

Lumin smart reminders (medication, birthdays, appointments etc) can be sent from anywhere in the world. The companion app lets you send reminders to the large 17″ touch screen so your older loved ones never miss important events.

Interactive games, daily news and podcasts, live photo streams and instant messaging are just some of the additional benefits.

Visit website: Lumin

safe 2021

Well that’s a wrap for our favourite gifts for keeping older people safe. We look forward to sharing more unique gift ideas with you next year!

Now it’s over to you…

Are there any gifts you’ve bought for older men or women (70 – 80 years +) that we haven’t covered? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Oh, and we’d really love it if you shared this post on your social networks to let everyone know about the unique gift ideas you’ve found! 

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