Connected and safer at home

Lumin helps seniors and people with physical and cognitive disabilities live independently for longer and stay closely connected with their families and communities.

Lumin also offers unique support for Carers, reducing isolation and loneliness, delaying the challenges and expense of Aged Care.

More than a phone, simpler than a tablet, Lumin is a communication and entertainment hub linking people with essential information and services to support wellbeing and safety in the home.

Lumin Screens & App

Lumin is a large 17″ freestanding touch screen for the home customised for the user and delivered ready to use. No technical knowledge required, Lumin is monitored and updated remotely 24/7.

Lumin Bright: Independent living & community engagement

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Lumin Clear: Cognitive impairment and dexterity issues

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Connected, entertained and safe at home.

Family and friends can connect easily via a free smart phone App.

The Lumin App links directly to the Lumin screen making communication simple.

Family & friends can also use the App to remotely add calendar entries, reminders and photos.


Supporters, usually family and friends, can download the free Lumin App to any smart phone.

The Lumin App simplifies communication to the Lumin screen including free calls and video calls, updating the calendar [including medication reminders], messages and photos.

It also monitors the screen for alerts such as device issues, medication reminders or alerts or emergencies.

Alice has early onset dementia and lives at home supported by her partner.

“Dementia is a progressive illness, and Lumin remains a wonderful support as Alice’s dementia worsens. Alice uses the Lumin screen to maintain contact with her two sons, as she can no longer use a conventional telephone.”

Lumin provides an easier way for…


  • Phone

    Make one-touch video or phone calls to any number.

  • Messages

    Receive and respond to voice, text or photo messages.

  • Calendar

    Shared calendar events and reminders with alerts including prompts to take your medication.

  • Concierge

    Assistance, information and services.


  • Photos

    Share photo gallery.

  • Weather

    See the latest local forecast and rain radar.

  • News

    Catch up with the latest breaking news.

  • Radio

    Enjoy your favourite stations with crystal clear sound.

  • Thrive

    Curated health and wellbeing articles.


  • Alerts

    Notify your carers with one touch.

Other services Apps and features available soon.

Add wearables and smart home for more safety in the home. See the Alerts Package for more.

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In the news

Lumin is proud to have been selected for an Impact Investment Ready Growth Grant managed by Impact Investing Australia.

This recognises Lumin as a ‘profit for a purpose’ product with our goal of reducing social isolation and loneliness in older Australians.

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Cameron installed Lumin for his father.

“Dad actually sits there with the TV turned off looking at the photos of my newborn son.”

Optional Alert Packages

Wearable Panic Alarm

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Supporters will be notified of alerts that are managed via the Lumin Smart Phone App.

Add a wearable alarm and smoke detector to Lumin for additional safety in the home.


Dr. Janet van Leerdam MBChB MRCGP

“It’s a great concept. In over 40 years in Aged Care practice, I have not seen a device that could be so useful for carers to be involved in caring for a client (Mum or Dad) from their own home.”

What’s new

  • Radio

    Listen to your favourite stations in crystal clear quality

  • News

    The latest breaking news direct from

  • Multilingual

    Lumin in your language

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David, installed Lumin for his brother with MS.

“Regarding support: they [Lumin] are very pro-active and listen to suggestions to improve the system as well. The Lumin has provided connectivity and communication with my brother who has advanced MS. It has opened up his ability to easily communicate with family and friends that prior to the Lumin was not available. Well done Lumin, it has changed my brother’s quality of life.”