How to help parents living alone

If there is one thing you do to help your parents living alone, this is it

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Caring for aging parents is an important responsibility facing many of us.

Without a proper plan, this can lead to multiple challenges, including a work-life conflict that reduces productivity and increases stress at the workplace.

The problem can be even more compound when you have to care for kids too. There are multiple obstacles involved, and you might find yourself trying to wade from one crisis to another.

One of the things that you have to worry about is environmental hazards. Think about obstacles, wires, dim-lighting, cluttered items or anything else that could lead to a fall when an aging parent is alone at home. Adhering to prescribed medication is another headache facing individuals who are caring for their parents. Not taking medicine leads to at least 20% of hospital admissions for elderly people. Use of technology can also be another issue. Your aging parent might not be too comfortable typing letters from a smartphone screen, or operating that 1999 cell phone for that matter. They may have vision issues that make them repellent to small screens, and this makes it hard for them to get in touch with you.
Lumin solves the problem once and for all
Lumin is a technology-based solution that provides both security and independence for older people living alone at home. It provides a steady solution to the majority (if not all) of challenges associated with providing care for aging parents. Lumin directly addresses loneliness, isolation, and safety without requiring the services of a professional caregiver. This way, elderly parents suffering from dementia and other chronic conditions can manage just fine alone, but get specialized help whenever they need it.

Lumin is implemented in the form of a 17” touch screen installed with multiple communication and alert functions. Your parents can make a phone call to you by simply touching your nose on the screen. They are also able to make one-touch emergency alerts when a volatile situation needs to be addressed. Better yet, medication reminders make sure that they take their medicine at the stipulated times, and family photo albums keep them happy with nostalgic memories. There’s also an in-built radio with great sound, as well as weather updates and live news.

Connected care, less cost
Lumin empowers entire families to stay connected, promoting independence, wellness, and safety for individuals living with cognitive impairment, disabilities, chronic conditions and limited mobility. All this happens at a tiny fraction of the cost of professional caregiving! It’s like a next-generation home phone with a calendar, newspaper, radio and a family album in a simple-to-use touch screen.


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