Alzheimer?s prevention

My learnings from listening to The Ultimate Health Podcast featuring Dr Dale Bredesen on ?The End of Alzheimer?s?

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Dr. Dale Bredesen is internationally recognized as an expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. He is the author of New York Times bestselling book, The End of Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s disease effects the plasticity of the brain responsible for learning news information. It damages the hippocampus which is the critical part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. Alzheimer’s disease is the third leading cause of death in the US and said to be the second in Australia.

Studies show the underlying process begins around 20 years prior to an actual Alzheimer’s diagnosis. A cognoscopy, which is a number of assessments that looks at the possible causes that can lead to mental decline, is recommended around the age of 45 years of age. Dr Bredesen strongly believes that “Alzheimer’s should end with this current generation if we can get on the appropriate preventative program”.

It really resonated with me as Dr Bredesen explained that he viewed the problem as being the mere fact that we are trying to treat an illness without firstly establishing the actual cause of the cognitive decline. We are encouraged to ask ourselves: “why am I not thinking like I should be thinking”?

Alzheimer’s prevention

Studies have shown there are subtypes of Alzheimer’s disease. These sub types describe varying types of dementia which each have different symptoms and disease progression as well as requiring different treatments. In the US, there is a report called Recode which identifies the source of your cognitive decline. As I understand it, Recode offers testing which indicates which subtype you have or if you are at risk for any. It provides a solution to help reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. I reached out to the AHNP Precision Health regarding Recode being available to Australians and unfortunately it does not seem to be as yet.

I found the next section of the podcast slightly difficult for my brain to compute. As a health-conscious individual, I found it both compelling and anomalous at the same time listening to Dr. Bredesen recite, get ready for it; ‘how to give yourself Alzheimer’s ‘! Strangely enough, here is a list of items describes to give yourself Alzheimer’s:

  • Eat foods that contribute to leaky gut such as gluten, sugar, grains, dairy as well as plenty of processed foods.
  • Do not consume plenty of fresh organic vegetables.
  • Increase the total burden of toxins by consuming non-organic vegetables with plenty of pesticides.
  • Consume a diet high in simple carbohydrates, trans fats.
  • Do not check that your vitamin B6, B12 and folate levels are good enough to reduce homocysteine
  • Do not address hormonal deficiencies.
  • Do not get enough exercise, sleep or address sleep apnoea.
  • Do not address mould or toxins in your home.
  • Do not consume foods high in fibre.

I could honestly continue on for an age as I found Dr. Bredesen’s findings of links between nutrition and Alzheimer’s disease thoroughly enthralling.

To conclude, it is evident that nutrition is surprisingly highly efficacious for cognitive decline and prevention and something that we can all adopt today, even if only in a minor way.

Written by Lumin staff member: Dani.

 Feel free to listen to the full podcast HERE.


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