Lumin gets an audio tune up + 2 new features!

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As one of our dear customers said, ‘people talk with their face’. Of course, they are right, 'we humans' interpret so much more with face to face interaction and we have heard so many wonderful stories of video calls on Lumin.

We've also heard the video sound quality has been inconsistent, which of course isn’t ideal.

So our tech team have lifted the hood, tweaked the ‘bits' required to solve this and have done an audio tune-up along the way!

We've already updated all Lumin screens remotely but, Supporters will need to ensure they have the most recent version of Lumin smart Phone app [version 2.0.10].

This may happen automatically based on your settings, but if not, you can update it via:

Lumin Adds 2 More New Features!

You asked and we listened. Our customers keep coming up with soo many great ideas, sometimes it's tough to prioritise. That said, we hope you're as excited as we are about the newest additions to the Lumin screen.

Game on!

Introducing Chess And Patience

Here's a sneak peek of our newest features.


If you'd like chess or patience added to your Lumin screen, simply call us on (03) 8899 7525


We’d love to hear what you think of this update. And if there's any other feature you’d like to see improved, our support team are always open to feedback. In fact, we can’t wait to hear what new features you’d like us to focus on next!

Phone: (03) 8899 7525


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