Because we’re in this together

Lumin transforms the way you connect with your older loved ones and helps them reach you when they need to.

Success Stories.

We asked our customers what changed for the better since switching to Lumin. Here’s what some of them had to say.

“I've seen a huge change in Tony since he has used Lumin.”

Sammy carer of Tony Maruskanic, Griffith NSW

"More support for Edie and some peace of mind for me."

Anne, Melbourne VIC

"Lumin is just marvellous! It keeps me connected with the outside world!"

Lori McNamara

“Lumin gives dad a sense of people around him and feeling connected.”

Tottie Goldsmith, Melbourne VIC

"As a busy working, family man, the fact that I can use the app to send messages and reminders to dad's screen, makes life so much easier"

Jerome Carlin

Families ❤ Lumin

Leanne Shane
Leanne Shane
00:38 15 Nov 19
My Dad has been using the Lumin tablet for a couple of weeks and the medication reminder is by far his and my Mum’s favorite app. He now has another way of remembering to take his medication and this has taken the burden off of my Mum. He’s gaining confidence inits use and we have added many apps to keep his mind busy. He loves it.
Judy Stewart
Judy Stewart
01:38 29 Mar 19
I have a friend on Lumin and we chat a lot I have had good results with it but I am trying to get the app for my phone but can’t get it could you please help me

Oh, we’re also humans, just like you. Meet the team behind Lumin

We understand what you’re going through. Isolation and loneliness is the proven trigger for ‘all the nasty stuff’ like early onset of chronic diseases like Dementia or Alzheimer’s. We get it because we also have friends and family members that are affected by these diseases and whose spirits shine through but are slowly slipping away, one memory at a time. That’s why Lumin is on a mission to help people like you that are going through arguably the most difficult experience of their lives. We’re in this together.

Paul Wilson
Chief Executive Officer/Sales

Nick Marfleet
Chief Technology Officer

Brad Smith

Anne Fairhall

Nicholas Rogers

Peter Wilson

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