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Zoom vs Lumin Video Calls For Seniors

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You may have seen some of the funny memes and videos going around about what it is like trying to Zoom, Skype or FaceTime video call with an elderly relative. We’ve all been living it…

“No Dad, you need to click on the link I emailed” or “I can’t hear you, your microphone is on mute” together with plenty of eye rolls and clenched jaws. Whilst this is most certainly relatable and good for a giggle, it does highlight a more serious issue of the digital divide between generations.

Most of us have grown up with digital technologies. Even if we haven’t used a platform like Zoom before it doesn’t take long to get the gist. But for the elderly, it is not that simple. Not only are the apps themselves new but in many cases, so is the process of simply connecting to a tablet or smart phone. And with so many different apps and platforms to navigate, it doesn’t take long for elderly people to feel overwhelmed and ready to give up on technology all together.

During the COVID-19 situation, many elderly people were driven onto Zoom, Skype or FaceTime as a means of keeping connected with loved ones. Whilst these platforms can facilitate video or audio communication, they are limited to that function only. In some ways, we have just introduced yet another digital channel to an already confusing and overloaded mix.

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Unlike Zoom, Lumin’s video calls for seniors don’t require confusing passwords

Lumin was purpose built for elderly people. It understands that the simpler and more centralised the technology, the easier it is for seniors to use. As with the virtual chat platforms, Lumin hosts clear and easy to use video and audio calls but it goes beyond just that.

Lumin centralises all other useful daily functions such as messaging, calendars, entertainment, games, new feeds, weather reports, booking appointments, ordering supplies and photo sharing from grandkids. By centralising all technology onto one easy to use platform, Lumin eliminates the need for endless passwords and numerous devices such as phones, TVs and computers. It also helps elderly users feel empowered by technology, helping them to use it on their terms.

Importantly, the Lumin Supporters’ app helps families and carers to monitor their loved ones’ safety via medication reminders and alarm activations. The app also makes it easy for family and friends to remotely add calendar entries such as family birthdays and anniversaries, again helping the elderly feel empowered and connected to their loved ones.

Whilst COVID-19 restrictions might be easing in some parts of society, the reality is it may elderly Australians may be asked to self-isolate for longer than the rest of us. Throughout this period and beyond, it is important that we enable them to be able to live as independently as possible.

So, whilst virtual chat platforms are important to maintain social connections, the benefits stop there. Lumin takes into consideration all aspects of elderly people’s needs and wellbeing, from nurturing social connection and entertainment through to health, safety and intellectual stimulation.

Lumin vs Zoom vs Skype and FaceTime for seniors

zoom vs skype vs lumin for seniors

Whether your loved one is tech-shy or a digital dynamo, everyone can benefit from using Lumin. The large 17″ screen takes the guess work and stress out of technology and helps elderly people to live empowered, independent and connected lives.

Click here to learn how Lumin’s simplified tablet for seniors can benefit your loved ones.

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